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8:30am Every Day
1:30pm Weekdays
6:30pm Every Day
9:30pm Every Day
3:00pm Weekends
Beginner's 9:30pm Monday
(all times in Eastern Time) at:

All are welcome to attend!
A Flash 7 (or above) enabled web browser is required to access the meeting.

Twelve Step Committee

12 Step Committee

Need help right now with a drinking problem? Assistance is available 24 hours a day in many languages. Send a message.

AAOnline.net has open "facsimile" real time AA topic meetings for Alcoholics on the WWW.   It has 38 Online Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week and plans to add more.   Approximately 55 to 85 people flow through the room during any one meeting.   Average attendance per meeting is 62. All recovering alcoholics, or anyone with a desire to stop drinking with a Flash 7 (or above) Enabled Browser can attend the Meetings.


The primary purpose of AAOnline.net is to carry the Alcoholics Anonymous message of recovery to the alcoholic who still suffers. In using this electronic medium, the message of recovery can be brought to those unable to physically attend meetings and shared under the protection of increased anonymity with those who would not otherwise have made contact in any other way.

Our purpose at AAOnline.net also includes supporting the continued recovery of those wishing to supplement their regular face to face meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in the continuation of their journey of spiritual awakening and in becoming happy and usefully whole.

AAONLINE conducts open topic meetings online very much like face to face AA meetings. Standard Online Protocol is observed so that people may share uninterrupted. To share, type "!" (no quotes) and when finished sharing, type "/ga". Type "?" for a question. Requests to share are called on, in turn, by the meeting Chair or QUEUE-Leader. Questions are usually handled in IM's. Crosstalk is discouraged during sharing in protocol, but is okay in IM's. It's that easy!

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. Just like any other AA meeting, there are no dues or fees, no sign ups.

GOD grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change.....Courage to change the things I can.....and Wisdom to know the difference....

We do not have the ability to accept Seventh Tradition in this medium. Those wishing can make donations to GSO in the name of AAOnline.org, (GSO#659-158).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS) has not approved, endorsed, or reviewed this website, nor is it affiliated with it, and the ability to link to AAWS' site does not imply otherwise.

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