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Chair Signup

Members may sign up to chair meetings at:

AAOnline Chair Signup Page

Chair Training

If you're interested in taking chair training, email Birthday Meeting

If you have an AA Birthday this month, and you would like to celebrate with us. We have a 'Birthday Meeting' the last sunday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time. Come share your Experience Strength and Hope. Click on:

and sign up giving your First name, Years Sober, and Date of Sobriety or sending an email to . See you there!

Attention Speaker Meeting!

Come join us the third Friday of the month at 9:30pm Eastern Time and the first Sunday of the month at 3pm Eastern Time for our Speaker Meetings! Special speaker each month! Each speaker will have 30 minutes to tell their story and will then lead a discussion meeting where everyone will have an opportunity to share. If you're interested in telling your story, please contact:

Special Note for Sharers

Attention: In consideration of the folks who may be new to the fellowship, we ask that you only share in a meeting if you are an Alcoholic or have a Desire to Stop drinking. Otherwise you are welcome to sit back and observe the meeting, stay after for fellowship and recovery chat.

Member Group Conscience has now begun!

If you would like to be a PART OF the continuing transformation of this site, please MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Sunday, May 18th 4:00pm in the GC Room. (Meetings are the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Please come and be a part of The Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, with a prayerful and joyous heart. NOTE: You MUST be a REGISTERED MEMBER of this site to participate To register, simply email:

To be added to the mailing list of the Group Conscience, simply email:

Thank YOU for your help and support.

Certificates of Attendance

AAOnline does not sign “court cards” or verify attendance of online meetings. We suggest going to face to face meetings to have them signed.