Time Zone Meeting Name
4:30am5:30am6:30am7:30am8:30am9:30am12:30pm1:30pm Thursday Morning Miracles
9:30am10:30am11:30am12:30pm1:30pm2:30pm5:30pm6:30pmOut To Lunch Bunch
2:30pm3:30pm4:30pm5:30pm6:30pm7:30pm10:30pm11:30pmES&H 4
5:30pm6:30pm7:30pm8:30pm9:30pm10:30pm1:30am2:30am Courage to Change
*Indicates Day Saving Time

Please Note that User Names may not be working with the new chat module. We hope to address this ASAP


General Info About AAOnline Web Chat

Online meetings, using standard online protocol, will be held in the AAOnline Meeting Room and in the Daily Thoughts Discussion Room. The ODAAT Club is a 24 hour Chat Room or "Club House" for recovery related chat, though the other rooms may be used for chat between meetings.

Meeting Protocol

Our Meetings use a variation what is called Standard Online Protocol to simulate the various mutations of Robert's Rules of Order used at Face To Face Meetings.

Type ! if you wish to share--this is equivalent to raising your hand at a meeting. We ask members not to raise their hand until the meeting leader had finished their opening share. That way no one will be missed.
Type ? if you have a question--if will be answered with an Instant Message or a Whisper.
Type "ga" when you're finished sharing. "GA" means Go Ahead.
Please wait until you're called on--ga UserName--by the meeting leader before sharing.

Meetings run very smoothly when we follow this simple--once we understand it--protocol.

Room Purpose Reminder

To make everyones experience at AAOnline a happy one, we ask everyone to observe the following Room Purpose Reminder:

The primary purpose of the availability of the AAOnline Java Chat room between meetings is to provide a place for continued discussion of recovery and for providing a place for the fellowship that will enhance recovery.

Please bear in mind that we are all personally responsible for our own conduct in meeting this purpose. For example, engaging in personal attacks, vulgarity, and off color jokes may be seen as discouraging to the purpose of the room. We ought to all be aware that we might be the only copy of the Big Book that some visitors to the room will ever see...

Thank You.

Options and Profile

Click on Options located below the Users/Rooms Lists to choose User Options. You can choose the Color of your Font and whether to ignore the color of other member's fonts.

To change your font color choose "Own" in the Text Properties Menu, click the color you want your font to be and then click the Apply Button.

You can also choose to Reject Private Chat and Disable Audio by clicking on the appropriate dialog box.

To choose an Avatar--a Personal Icon--and set up a user profile, click on the pawn to the left of the Text Send Window.

Instant Messages and Whispering in Chat

To send an Instant Message to someone, high-lite their name on the Users List and click on the icon on the left above the list--the one that looks like two pawns talking to each other.

Please note that the Instant Message Window of the user who you want to IM will open when you click on the Instant Message Icon rather than when you send the IM.

Whispering is another feature of our chat server, where you can only talk to one person at a time. To Whisper to someone, high-lite their name on the user list and send text as you would to the room. Only the person you are Whispering to will see the chat.

Important Note: You have to re-Hi-Lite the name each time you Whisper to them.

Enjoy your visit to AAOnline!

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